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Fun Bible Board Game - The Christian Meme Game

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Step into a world where faith meets fun with The Christian Meme Game, a family board game designed to bring your game nights, small groups, and youth gatherings to life. This isn't just any Christian board game; it's a laugh-out-loud yet thought-provoking experience that will keep players from ages 13 to Methuselah entertained and engaged.

Crafted in collaboration with top Christian memers @memes4Jesus, @epicchristianmemes, and @deuteronomemes—with a combined 1.8 million followers— The Christian Meme Game features a divine blend of 360 witty Christian captions and 75 iconic internet memes. These aren't just random jokes; they're carefully curated quips that resonate with both the scripturally savvy and those new to the Bible, making every round both a learning experience and a party.

Players match hilarious Christian captions with meme-orable images in a race to create the funniest, most poignant pairings. Whether you're looking to fill 30 minutes or an entire evening, the game's flexible duration makes it perfect for any schedule, lasting anywhere from a quick half-hour laugh session to an epic marathon battle of wits.

This versatile Bible board game format can be played with 3-20 players. With a variety of game modes and expansion packs, game masters can customize their game play for maximum laughs, pair with your study Bible for an interactive Bible study aid or a combination of both. 

Bring home The Christian Meme Game today and transform your game nights with a touch of faith, fellowship, and a whole lot of fun! #GameNightNeedsASavior

😎360 Christian Captions + 75 Iconic Images
👪 Designed For Ages 13 - Methuselah!
🤣 Developed With The Funniest Christian Memers 
⏰ Typical round lasts 30-60 minutes
👩 Can be played with 3-20 people
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✅Perfect for Game Nights, Small Groups, Youth Groups!
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  • Choose your Game play mode: maximum laughs, Biblical accuracy or a mix!

  • Each Player is dealt 7 Caption Cards.

  • A Judge Is Selected. (Last person to pray, rock, paper, scissors or cast lots to decide)

  • The Judge draws an Image Card at random. Every Player selects a Caption Card from their hand that best fits the Image Card to create the best Christian Meme! 

  • Caption Cards are passed to the Judge face down

  • The Judge reads all Caption Cards aloud and selects the Caption Card they like best. (Make sure to leave room for discussion, player commentary and laughs!)

  • That Player wins that round! Image Card is given to the round winner to keep score.

  • Repeat until no Caption Cards remain in your hand.

  • The Player with the most Image Cards is the Champion and the next Judge.

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